Privacy policy

How we respect your privacy

What do we store and why?

We try to store as little data as possible, the data that is stored is completly anonymous and used to enhance the user experience. This data is also not shared with any third parties.

Your IP address: Every device that connects to a network is assigned an IP (Internet Protocol) address we store this is to find problems faster and prevent abuse of our services.

Type of data: We store the type of data that was requested (eg. Weather), this helps us narrow down any problems that might occur with our services. However, we do not store the content of what is requested (eg. Location for the weather info).

User agent: The user agent is a string that is sent with every request containing information about the browser, device and operating system. This info helps us find problems that are possibly related to a specific browser, device or operating system.

Crashes and errors: If a problem occurs with any of our apps then the developers are automatically notified about the problem. Depending on the type of problem that occured a stack trace will be send to us along with the error and information about the device and operating system.

That's it no more is stored about you. All other data that makes our apps work is stored on your device and is not accessible to us.

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